Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tricks to Win PM game / perfect money head or Tail Game

Tricks to make head or tail game

Strategies 100% Win!

This strategy is used for the game with a 50-50 chance. Head & tail, left & right, etc. in which the profits of at least 2x or 200% or more! If not 2x or 210%, then 100% win to be invalid! And is 100% Win does not mean you never lose! You may lose a few times, but you can never lose, because any losses will be paid by the next time you win! Yes, once you win your losses that were covered plus you'll get the benefits! Before you enter the game, you should understand this logic?

 This logic: Imagine! How likely is if you flip a coin 14 times in a row the same results hold? You may not lose 14x in a row! Yes, it's unlikely "tail" appears 14x in a row without interspersed with "head" though! (eg money 500 "eagle vs number 500" emergence of an eagle continued) Let yourself take a coin, throwing 1000x, record the result, then compute, have the same appears 14x in a row? Indeed, there are chances. counts below 0, 1%. But it's just chance. The truth will never happen! Please try it yourself! That is, in reality should have 100% win. (Although the chance is only 99, 99%) I can 100% sure you win! And apply 100% win if you follow the instructions below and try to finish!

Select the "head" or "tail". Remember, once you choose, you can not change it! (example: if you select the "head", so you should still choose the "head". In other games such as left & right, low and high, red & black, and others, the same strategy with head & tail, just different names only!) 

Keep that option up to 14 consecutive defeats. Select the "head" or "tail". Remember, once you choose, you can not change it! (example: if you select the "head", so you should still choose the "head". In other games such as left & right, low and high, red & black, and others, the same strategy with head & tail, just different names only!) Keep that option up to 14 consecutive defeats.

  1.  First select a game site game Head or Tail

  2. Choose head or tail (Example: Head) **

  3. Choose the smallest bet ($ 0.1)

  4. Click on "Win 210%"

  5. You are faced with the payment page to LR (Liberty Reserve redirect). After the payment process is complete, click "Return Merchant" so you can see the Win or Lose.

  6. If LOSE, 2X pairs from the first bet ($ 0.2)

  7. And do not forget to select HEAD ALSO why the HEAD as 100% WIN

  8. And if you still LOSE pairs 2X bet again and had to Choose HEAD again, and if it still remains LOSE again why should select HEAD HEAD HEAD because if you choose and if you still LOSE select HEAD HEAD is also why many as 5 times because it will affect her and that Data Base you will LOSE to Choose TAIL 9X consecutive

  9. If WIN, repeat the first step with the smallest bet ($ 0.1))

  10. Play only up to 3 times the victory

  11. Close your computer, continue the game the next day

  12. Note: Once choose a fixed HEAD HEAD select **

test here : 

Try your luck! HOT and PAYING


Online casino, do you have Liberty Reserve? head-tail game, 210% and 250% RETURN if you win!


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The Most IMPORTANT to note is DO NOT PLAY several times with the same value as if it is you do, be sure to continue despite losing YOU HAVE TO PLAY TO 8X or EVEN MORE. This is often done FATAL MISTAKE BY THE BEGINNERS who play in the LR GAME. They played several times with the same value without changing the VALUE BET. They often play with the BET value of $ 1 and keep it around $ 1 dipermainan further while still losing, and it applies also to play the next game which they do it with the BET value is $ 1. If you do this, I will not guarantee victory, as I wrote above. Not the value of his $ 1 bet that a mistake but did not change the value of the bet was a mistake. Even though you are playing $ 2 or even $ 4 from the initial bet and continue to use the same bet, which would be fatal defeat in recent times in a row. ALWAYS REMEMBER to change the VALUE BET in the next game IF you are in a losing position. For example, the first $ 1 bet and lose, then bet $ 1 then do it again but its value must be different possible TO VICTORY.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tricks to Win PM game / perfect money HEAD and TAIL Game 2014

Important: PLEASE Read Carefully. This trick works 100% if you are going to play in batches, or at least 3 bets or more.

Step 1, Observe the game if there are others who are playing. As this trick works best when you're playing alone on the game.

Step 2 For your first bet, the best way to follow is what was the last winning side, if it's Head or Tail. If it was Tail, bet on Tail with the lowest amount of bet.

If you didn't win, DON'T worry, we'll get it back!

Step 3 Now go back quick and check History of the game, if you're still playing alone.

And quickly, bet on the same side as what was the last winning side is, if it was Head then choose Head on your next bet, but with a higher amount than the previous.

Step 4 Continue the process until you WIN, and once you've already WON, go back from the Start of the process.. Congratulations!!!

As you will notice, we have made the WINNING percentage 100% with this trick!

NOW All you got to do is choose a game from below because this doesn't work on some other lr games.



2, http://Gugold.com

3, http://dragonace.info/

4, 1GOLD-GAME.ORG-Fantastic Perfect Money Head Tail Game(WIN250%)

*WARNING - This process doesn't work on other lr head or tail game, because most of them that aren't here cheats on their game, so be very careful. If you didn't win more 5 times / 1 day on a website, please try next site in the list and repeat what you did on next day.